Friday, 24 May 2013

Final Boards

Brief 1: Séarlait McCrea

Brief 2: Hannah Rampley
Brief 3: Hunter Gatherers

Brief 4: ISTD Drugs
Brief 5: Fashion Yearbook

Brief 6: Design Context
Brief 7: Re-branding The Mosses Centre

Additional Brief 1: Graduate Fashion Show Pitch

Additional Brief 2: Yearbook Pitch
Additional Brief 3: ECLECTIC Ep

Additional Brief 4: Boxhead Placement

Photographing all of my Products

Today all of my FMP work was photographed by Lauren Danks (a second year photography student). Here is a selection of photographs we took together. I love the lighting we had, they look great on my boards.

Hunter Gathers Books

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Monday, 20 May 2013

Drugs: The Patterns

Cover Progression

Notebook Colour Options

The Final Diary, Final Book Cover and Final Notebook
I'm happy with the publication that I have designed... but the print quality is rubbish! I used James 130 gsm stock he uses for books, but the ink has transfered onto the next page. Also the front covers are completely the wrong colour turning out pastel... NOT BRIGHT. I will print again for the end of year show and my portfolio.... but I have no time to print again for tomorrows photographs.

Drugs publication

First Printed Publication
Printed off my publication in uni and it just didn't look right. 
The point size of the body copy and headers was too big. I've reduced it to 8.5pt on 12pt tracking for body copy and 11pt on 12pt fo headers.
I also need to make the inside and outside margins a lot bigger. 
There is too much information on each page, with conflicting hierarchy. I need to have less risk boxes, and defiantly more white space. 
Final Drugs Publication
Printed it out.

Final Alterations
The Printed Article.... Final, The End