Monday, 14 January 2013

Revisited Briefs

After writing 11 briefs I have changed my mind a lot since then. I now know I have to create briefs that fit within my personal statement and this in the end is the last work I will create whilst at LCA. These briefs will decide if I go to D&AD, get freelance work and potentially find a full time job in the industry. 
No Pressure.
  • Brief #1: Investigating Typeface design within branding small businesses including the Arts and Cultural Clients
  • Brief #2: Informational and Educational design for chosen random topics. Including styled Posters. Becoming a expert on something new.
  • Brief #3: Exploring Web Design and coding for small businesses
  • Brief #4: ISTD Books Still. Publication Design & Contemporary Trends using a subject of my choice
  • Brief #5: D&AD Make your Mark: Contacting your dream employer.
  • Brief #6: Design Context: Looking to contact a design studio or a freelancer in each country in the world. Maybe contacting more studios within the UK: One from each city and a couple from Bristol and Manchester. Designing questionnaire and asking for visit for more local design studios. I want my end product to be type and image based, half and half, maybe creating a website to house all my responses as a design hub.
Fashion Graduate Show 2013

Additional Briefs

Personal Branding
Work at Box-head*: Map & Gypsy Symbols

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