Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12th February CritL: Andy Lodge

I need to keep sending off to lots of stock companies to get a lot of free samples. So I have examples for clients and as reference. Order Fedrigoni. and Garnett based in Otley.
Geometry of Pasta interesting iconography.
Hannah Logo needs to be more consistent, I need to make the pineapple less sharp edged or make the type more sharp to make them fit better together. Push the material promotion.
Séarlait... get the type together. do examples for this week on how it can be applied.... make business cards. Get promotion together.
It's a case of gathering content for Brief 3&4. And creating a identity and style. In brief 3 I need to start categorising content and get the publication layout sorted.
Brief 4 I need to get content and know what I am going to make. Info-graphics. Find a lot of facts. 
Brief 5 we are waiting to meet the fashion team.... I feel this will take a while.
Brief 6 I need to contact people.
Brief 7 (The Mosses Centre) - Andy said I should layout the brief and know what I should do and leave the major designing till later when I have the other briefs underway.
Additional Brief 3: Geordan ECLECTIC, basically just do designing as it comes along.

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