Monday, 11 February 2013

Defining the content

Working with the concept... What we need to know to survive without our lifestyle today: Hunters and Gatherers.
Based on Human Planet, as a information and content resource. 
The interactive publication will have hardly any images so will rely on iconography and info-graphics. The information will be geographically located on a pull out map. 
Other content will be hunter gather diets, and information on how to survive against to odds... hurricanes, tsunamis, avalanches, desert, etc.
Branding of the publication that will be carried across survival equipment.... that has potential to be a exhibition celebrating our abilities to survive against the odds. The aim of educating a audience and making them think about how materialistic we are now as a society.
Oceans into the BlueAs an air-breathing animal, the human is not built to survive in water. But people have found ways to live an almost aquatic life so they can exploit the sea's riches. 
. Shark whisperer
. Fishermen working with Dolphins, Brazil
. Galician barnacle collectors
. Indonesian Whale hunt
. Land sick humans
. Pa-aling Fishermen
. Free-diving spear fisherman
Deserts: Life in the Furnace We can survive for weeks without food, but only days without water: it is the essential element of life. Yet many millions of us live in parched deserts around the world.
. Searching for water
. Desert Cows
. Navigating the deserts - Sahara
. 2,000 men catching fish
. Picking men, Tribe- Dress up
Arctic: Life in the Deep Freeze The Arctic is the harshest environment on Earth - little food grows, it's dark for months on end and temperatures stay well below freezing for much of the year.
. Dogs on ice catch Greenland Shark
. Inuit mussel gatherers
. Trick or Treat, Manitoba
Jungles: People of the Trees The rainforest is home to more species of plants and animals than any other habitat on the planet. But for humans, life there is not as easy as it looks. Life in the trees requires great skill, ingenuity and sheer bravery.
. Matis of Brazil - hunting monkeys
. Tete climbing tree for honey
. Hunting tarantulas
. 35m treehouse
Mountains: Life in Thin Air From lush cloud forests to bare summits that take your breath away, the higher you climb the tougher life gets on a mountain.
. Altai mountain golden eagle
. Simien mountains - boy fighting off monkeys
. sky burial
Rivers: Friend and Foe Rivers provide the essentials of life: fresh food and water. They often provide natural highways and enable us to live in just about every environment on Earth. But rivers can also flood, freeze or disappear altogether!
. Laotian fisherman crossing the river to fish
. Samburu tribe and wild elephants
. Dad taking children to school 
Cities: Surviving the Urban Jungle A look at the one environment that's been made by us for us - the city. Over half of the world's population now lives in the urban jungle. The city is built to keep untamed nature out - but nature can't be pushed away.
. Dubai falcons
. Beekeepers
. Bed bugs
. Rats

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