Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fashion Yearbook: Poster Design

Initial Design
Working on the last meeting we all had with Suzy she said for the poster she wants a side for each course: Fashion & Design and Fashion & Innovation. The type for the names and contact detail will be the same treatment as the PDF. In this case the same as the designed front cover, Names: Uppercase Brandon Grotesque. Details: Italic Garamond. I liked this idea... but I tried to work with the actual images we had.... and they are pants. So I wanted to create a better structured grid. 

Using a Square Grid
I really like this grid. Using the rules of Squares: images will fill one or 2 stacked horizontally / vertical squares and 4 squares. This can be easily applied and perfect for the grid of the pdf.... where images will be square or extra long or extra wide. I think the structure works well. We could create a number system where images of peoples work could like to contact info.... if that is what they wanted. We do not have to include all people designs, just the strongest. 

Adding in Images
Using images from last year I wanted to show how cropping could be used to show the garments along with the traditionally very strong fashion shoots.
Deleting some squares from the Grid
This example shows how some images can be deleted from the Fashion & Design side..... the images that are deleted will be on the Innovation side and the images on the Design side will be deleted on the Innovation side as well. This links to the concept of being one course together.

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