Friday, 22 March 2013

What I need to Finish

Today I have designed all of my final boards for submission... very early, but now I know exactly what I have to do, and what I need to photograph. I have nearly finished both Séarlait's and Hannah's Branding brief.
For Séarlait's:
I have to Print her Portfolio and letterheads, Cv and Compliment Slip and Sticker more tools, lazer cut pencils and photograph all of the final products.
For Hannah: 
I have to make her website on cargo, order moo cards, create her mail out, print everything and photograph. This has to wait on her creating her FMP patterns. So as of now I cannot do anything.

Design Context: 
I need to email my questionnaire to all of the other studios I did not mail. 
I need to gather all of my content... but I want to wait until I hopefully get responses.

Hunter Gatherers:
Get all the content soon! Know what bind I will use. Start to draw / sketch images for the publication
Gather the content for the survival guide. 

Gather Content.
Think about the publication layout.

Fashion Yearbook:
It's still up in the air if we will actually do the yearbook. It's looking like we may drop the whole brief. 

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