Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Design Context Questionarries.

I went to Karen so she could help me think about what to say in my questionnaires that I will send before the 14th of March
needs to be focused on something specific-
geographical locations
educational design
informative design- simple but makes you want to read on- functional
what’s your context- exploring the delivery method of educational design materials
topic-  looking at the global arena of educational and informative design              
respondents- these are people who already produce educational and informative design

1.     In producing educational publications, where do you start
2.     Who’s your audience
3.     Do you have different audiences and can you roughly categorise them
4.     If you were producing an educational publication what’s the 1st thing you’d do
5.     How and in what way would this be different from approaching a different audience
6.     What makes informative design different to other types of design
7.     Do you believe that form follows function or are you primarily aesthetic s led
8.     Do you think geographical location is important and how does it affect you design
9.     How does geographical location affect your relationships with clients, particularly in relation to new technology and delivering good design

and finally………
10.  Who or what influences you
11.  Are you inspired by (music, environment you work in, art etc)
12.  Which designers do you admire
13.  At this moment in time who is your favourite designer 

I redefined what I wanted to ask because I realised that although I love educational design most of my influences are also branding but mainly editorial.
Finalised Questions (this will be changed slightly for each respondent)
1.  How would you describe your approach to design? Please tick the applicable.
Free Thinking
Information Driven
Sketchbook Doodler
Mac Attached
Typography Driven
A Big Thinker
If this doesn't encompass you... how would you define yourself as a designer?
2. What is the first thing you do when given a new brief?
You are creating a informative publication or brand, what is the first thing you do?
3. You often design for small businesses - what makes a good branding project?
4. Within your practice do you believe that form follows function or are you primarily aesthetics lead? Can you pick an example from a past projects?
5. Do you think designers have to move to one of the world's capital cities in order to be successful? 
How does geographical location affect your relationship with clients, and new technology?
6. At this moment in time who is your biggest influence? And why?
7. How would like to be approached by designers who want to be hired?

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