Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Mosses Centre Feedback.

Pete Emailed me back.
This is what he said:
So basically he prefers Option 1. He wants the 1/4 circles and full circle in the logo to be bolder. He likes the stap-line "We are whatever you need us to be", and also "Bringing Communities Together". He uses Arial as a main typeface. 

I spoke to Andy Lodge
He said he likes the idea and the division of the centre by using the 4 words. But like Pete he says it needs to be bolder and more use of the colours. He says what I have designed books good, but I can see what he means because it is quite designey (if you can understand that). 
It needs to be incorporated into the images like Melbourne Identity
Bad images
Looking at my designs he said the images are terrible (which they are). So he gave me a lot of photographers to use as stock images for the  charity award submission. 

Finding Images
I need images for each section:
I've found there are a lot of cross overs, but in the annual report or leaflets the person creating them can decide upon the chosen section.
Enjoyable (Activities)
Bury Gateway: Meaning Full Short Breaks 14-17 year olds, Thursday 4-6:30pm
                       Junior Club 8-13, Wednesday 4-5:30pm
                       Social Evening, Thursday 7:30 - 9:30pm
                       Drop In, Monday - Friday, 9:30 - 12pm
Cine Society
Farsi (Language Class)
French Classes for Children
Line Dancing
Senior Sports
Sewing Group
Street Dance
Tai Chi & Qigong
Writers Club
Nersary / Pre-School, 
Stay and Play (Monday 12:30 - 2pm)
Mosses Community Courses

Friendly (Groups)
Bolton & Bury Gaming Club (BBGC)
Bridge (Card Games)
Civil Service Retirement Fellowship, Wednesday 1:30 - 4pm
Eagle Wings (Asylum Seekers)
Hard of Hearing Group
The Institute of Advanced Motorists
Jazz Society
Parents Support Group
Radio Society
Red Rose Group
. Cáfe
Summer Fun Sessions
Outreach Work with Families
Mosses Play Weeks
Fund Raising

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