Monday, 15 April 2013

Book Format: Hunter Gatherers... BOOK BINDING

Ana Mirats
Today I went to book binding to see if making my books could be in this format. Needless to say I was there for the whole morning. . . but I made two cover mock ups and I think they will look great, glad I made the effort and now I know what not to do for my finals.

I've chosen my 7 colours for the 7 books. The 85x80mm emboss has been made with a piece of cut-out copper. The images need to be just less than that 85x80 size so you can see the de-boss.
I used 1mm and 2mm board as the 2mm maybe to heavy and thick for the stock, as it may tear the book... but 1mm maybe too thin and the de-boss could be too un noticeable.
I prefer the 2mm.... but I'm going to test out on the double newspaper print to see if it endures.
Making the Books

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