Sunday, 12 May 2013

Designing the publication

Sorting out the content.
I have taken from 5 - 10 images from each design studio and drop them into place when te document is set up. 
I wanted to use flags to identify the countries.... but I think it looks garish. Going to stick to co-ordinates.
I decided to choose Neutraface and Avenir because I wanted to use geometric sans-serifs. Also because together they are my favourite typefaces and are used in a lot of design I aspire to create.
Using a 9pt grid and margins: top & bottom 18mm, inside & outside 15mm. 5 columns with a gutter of 6mm. 
Page size: 170mm x 255mm. Each design studio appears in order of distance from my Leeds address. I wanted to show my influences highlighting their geographical locations, I felt using co-ordinates was a much more interesting way than stating the country. I like how the audience doesn't know which country the studio is in, unless mentioned in the body copy. The images are not kept to the same grid, so freedom is given. Positioning of the headers alternates from top aligned to bottom aligned so it is obvious when one studio starts and another ends.

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