Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Everything is cancelled

I emailed Suzie the final fashion poster on Monday, she agreed to email me back the final amendments on Wednesday and sign it off. By Friday we had emailed and heard no response so me and Chris printed off the final Fashion Poster to scale and gave it to Suzie to try and speed the process along.
A week later me and Chris finally meet with Suzie, she tells us in a very complicated way that her students are not happy with the design. Even though previous Suzie had okayed the whole design and told us her students where happy with the layout. We where under the impression that the final sign-off was for checking spellings and contact information. 
In short she told use that instead of the poster I designed her students wanted a equal size photograph each with their own name and contact detail underneath. This is COMPLETELY different from anything we had shown her before and the designs she agreed upon so far.

After this meeting we me and Chris went straight to Amber to ask what to do next. Amber met with Suzie the next day to find out that Fashion students themselves had designed their own version of a yearbook and they were already working on creating a poster. Suzie had not told us, even though this had been going on for a month. 

The end result was the yearbook was completely scraped, even including a pdf to put on the Leeds College of Art website. 

As a group we decided to mock up a full yearbook and photograph the fully designed poster. We have all spent to much time in meetings and designing to completely drop the brief.

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