Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Context: Educational Design

Colors in my favorite magazine, I love how much information it has yet chooses a completely random subject every month. This designer is part of Fabrica's year long interns. I heard Tim Wan is out there too (I saw him on some pictures). I wish I designed these ...
APOCALYPSE: issue #84
Hit by a meteorite, wiped out by a pandemic, fried in a nuclear holocaust or frozen in another Ice Age: Civilization could end in a hundred ways. Yet the relentless onslaught of disaster prophecies leaves you overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure who to believe. You’ve got Apocalypse Fatigue, but don’t give up. 

GOING TO MARKET: issue #85
Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the free market has dominated the world. Today we can buy and sell, lend and borrow, invest and trade from one end of the planet to the other like never before. It is exciting, and dangerous: the more the market grows and evolves, the easier it becomes to get lost in it.

Yellow Pages Pull Out from: COLORS Going to Market Issue

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