Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Geordan Reid Campbell: INAUGURATION EP design & print

The Brief
Releasing Geordan's new EP to the public.
1. Creating 50 physical hard copies of the new 'Inauguration' EP.
2. Building on the ECLECTIC brand

I intend to promote to new audiences and following fans of G's. 
direct fans to buy the EP. 
a group of fans or people that would like G's music.
... that
they should buy the EP or listen to G's music.

Method of delivery: via the website
The product: New branding for ECLECTIC.
The range: Cd, Promotion (Fliers, Posters, Business Cards, Branding)
Distribution: Buying the EP

Pricing Everything Up
Tote Bags
screen print design on, pretty much free promotion for Geordan
bulk tote bags
£36.00 (+ postage £6.61) in total: £42.61


Duplicated and printed design onto
1. DMS colour D&P replied:
£80.00 includ VAT.
Duplicated and printed in colour.

2. livewire B&W, D&P

Duplicated and printed in white CD's colour: £64.20
same but Black & White: £57.60

Printed packaging 

holding a CD and booklet/poster
ACD Sleeve
£115.00 (£2.30 each)
response we need the two finger grip sleeve
£115 +£13 (next day delivery and insurance) £128 in total.
ACD sleeve flickr
Too expensive, not what G wants, progress packaging


for ELECTETIC records label English stamp
£15.00 or £20.00 depending on size
.CD's (duplicated and printed in greyscale) and the sleeves =£185.60
.Tote bags: £42.61
.Eclectic Stamp:£20 (including ink pad)
Total so far: £248.21
Each CD at cost value is: £4.96

Talking to Geordan again tonight because he many have someone that will pay for the EP printing. He needs the flat image of the EP front and back by February because he will start to sell online.

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