Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Context: Co-Op - Australian Freelancer

CO-OP is a Australian Freelancer named Paul Marcus Fuog opened in 2004. Some of his work is very abstract and art focused, whereas other is very typographically informed (this is the sort of work I prefer).
Identity created for a Fashion Company
Created artwork for a Melbourne Band called Number Station with their release Hold On, Everything Will Change and Brocke and Never Go Home.
Beautiful colours and lovely print! Something that I would love ECLECTIC to have.
Exhibition Design and Print Collateral for Objects Gallery, Annual Manual: A Guide to Australian Design
Again beautiful design but in a Non Design trend. 
Exhibition Design and Print Collateral for The Other Hemisphere, Millan 2011. Included 9 Australian design practices producing work in this theme. 
Lovely branding for a arts event, with a nice concept.
Editorial Poster with information on current culture of Melbourne City. (Winter Series 1/4) Cutting Budgets: saving money it eliminates folding and gluing & easy to transport.
The first design I found by Co-Op and I still find it amazing.
Invitation for a show for British Menswear Designer, Kim Jones
Beautiful textured background with some very simple print.
A book designed for fashion label Gorman. Educating customers on the merits of 'slow fashion' versus 'disposable pop fashion', reflecting year 10 into the past and ten years into the future (1999-2009)
Interesting formats.
Photographs exploring food use in Design
I just like these.

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