Thursday, 24 January 2013

Séarlait McCrea meeting 24th January 2013

Meeting Séarlait #2
I was nervous about presenting my ideas because I wasn't sure if what I had designed was relevant to the branding and if it was exactly what Séarlait wanted. However after speaking to Fred this morning in my FMP crit I know know what I have to produce for my branding briefs. I offered Séarlait 3 different examples of design and she gave me her feedback.
We are still very much up for the interactive side to the branding, but #1 is too childish colours and more appropriate for a professional builder, Séarlait wanted something cleaner.
With #2 & #3 she likes a combination. 
(See annotation on images)
Combines the professional side of #3 with the playfulness of #2
Use colours: black, white, teal and purple (maybe grey)
Brand all tools
Show Séarlait's craft and development
Make the brand travel directly across all medias.

For Monday
I will develop a logo including type and image
Séarlait will highlight bits from my branding book that she likes
Make a cargo account
Ideas (illustrator), print mock-ups and research into interactive layout (grids)
Define the 10 items of branding that are a must for both Séarlait and Hannah.

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