Thursday, 17 January 2013

What Séarlait likes and has shown me

What Séarlait showed me when we met
Séarlait's profession in based in the foundations of exploring a process, thinking about something and picking it apart. 
She is in 2nd year at the moment and does not want to set up her own practice after university, similar to me she wants to work
What Séarlait liked
I sent my blog address to her email and she told me what designer where her favourite. She likes Heydays the most, which I am very happy about, and referes branding less obvious... ie she doesn't want wood used anywhere.
Taken from here:
1. Colour
2. Bold sans serif type
3. Emboss business cards
4. De-boss letterhead

from here:
1. Colour & concept. not using wood is good.

Andi Mayer: Photographer: very simple and brilliant use of subtle branding.
This is Séarlait's favourite website and designer. I think for websites she wants minimalistic all about the design and showing the process. On the website is a photograph of all of this models he made to make the final pieces, these items are hung on the back wall of his studio space, and look beautiful.
Cute and adorable, still minimalistic
Minimalistic with a grid easy to make layout, very similar to

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