Thursday, 14 February 2013

An exciting meeting with Hannah

Metting Hannah
We finally decided on her logo! 

Deciding on Stock
Hannah likes the idea of having a combination of colours stock for her embossed business cards. Her favourite are Colorplan: Candy Pink, Cool Blue and Powder Green (170gsm) I have ordered samples from GFSmith. She also likes Tintoretto: Cubeba and Anice (Fedrigoni), but I couldn't find the paper online to order it.
Hannah's Mailout
Whilst showing Hannah the Fedrigoni and GFSmith stock she said she liked the format of the little books. She told me that because her textiles are so detailed she now wants a simple branding, as a platform to show off her design and illustration skills.
Here is the mock-up I made
 It took me the best part of 6 hours, Hannah wants 20 making, but I think once I know the exact measurements and get into a rhythm, it'll be a lot quicker. This is a 12x8cm Japanese bound booklet with 12 material samples and 8 paper samples. The idea was the attach Hannah's business card on the front, but I dont think this will work. The front and back cover is 120gsm Canaleto (off-white). I used some more of her textiles as a material bind to attach the front and back cover. I'm meeting Hannah on Monday for feedback. 
On the final thing the material will not Frey! and I would like to separate the Digital prints and the material samples. 
Hannah's CV
Working on the layout of Hannah's CV:
GFSmith Paper: Colorplan... Candy Pink, Cool Blue and Powder Green

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