Sunday, 17 February 2013

Meeting Séarlait again

Picking Colours
Using the Pantone swatches Séarlait picked her favourite colours for her branding: as before she has chosen teal and purple. Maybe using both or just one.
Picking Stock
I gave Séarlait the paper samples booklets (the ones I gave Hannah). She likes the textured Cranes Lettra, Pearl White 300gsm for her buisnes cards. For all of her other promo and suplies, she would like to use off white stock. i have send for Ellie Poo Paper and I will see if she likes this on Monday. I found different coloured mount board in the library that would be cheaper than the GFSmith stock for her business cards.
Séarlait's Range
Applying Séarlaits brand to all of these: Business cards, Mail-out, Letterhead, Compliment slips, Wooden Rulers, Wooden iPhone case, Apron, Diary and Sketchbooks.

I'm meeting with Séarlait this week to take photographs of her working (in sketchbooks and the studio) that will be included in her mail-outs and maybe websites. 

Finishing Séarlait's Typeface
Putting all letters into one font so she can use it herself.
I've saved the typeface, and it works.

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