Monday, 25 February 2013

Séarlait's Publication

The Publication
This is just a quick mock up of the publication I may produce for Séarlait. It's 210mmx275 (15mm shorter than A4). This is just to get a idea of the layout and structure. 
Tomorrow I will work on the design and including the bits of her typeface, along with showing the content.

28th of Feb... Update.
I can't do any more until I see Séarlait and I have more photographs.

Whilst at Vernon Street I asked Sarah what the best way to bind a 14 page booklet of loose papers. I knew I did not want to use a Japanese bind. Using a Metal bind like passport used to brand Ryan Scott (Furniture course 3rd year) would look like I have copied then... so Sarah sowed me Screw Posts. Basically a brass screw the size of a hole puncher. They only stock 6mm plus sizes. So I ordered 12x3.5mm ones. They will look perfect with Séarlait's off white stock.

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