Monday, 8 April 2013

Survival guide

18.5 x 14.5 cm
Bound with an elastic band.

Title / Front Cover - How To Survive
1st DP - Humans have survived in all of these situations
2nd DP - We can from here ... and now we are here.
3rd DP - Question. Do you know how to survive? Do you want to be dependent?
4th DP - Surviving in the UK - Cloths
5th DP - Kit
6th - 9th DP - The Pursuit of: Food, Water, Fire and Shelter
10th BACK - Learn more?

Initial Type and Layout
Page 6 is the best... defiantly going to work it out tonight.

Initial designing placing / typing all the body copy into the right pages. 
I'm going to go into uni and print this off today to check sizes and pagination. Hopefully there will only be a few tweaks. Going to check for widows and spelling mistakes. 
Then all I have to do it make the little illustrations and I'm done.
Then it'll be one book down... 7 to go.

Initial design 2.... Sorted out all of the spelling mistakes and type errors. 
Going to work on the illustration / find some images if I cant draw them right myself.

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