Thursday, 17 January 2013

Meeting Séarlait Mc Crea

Séarlait's practice in a sentence
Séarlait's profession in based in the foundations of exploring a process, thinking about something and picking it apart. 
She is in 2nd year at the moment and does not want to set up her own practice after university, similar to me she wants to work within a community of like minded creatives. She said herself that she does not want to make solely furniture, she loves sculptures and pretty things.

What Séarlait needs and wants
Séarlait is in 2nd year at university and does not want to set up her own business when she leaves, so I am creating a brand that is aimed to impress potential clients but also fellow practitioners.
Business Cards
Full Identity - logo - Icon
Digital versions of logo / everything so she can print more
Notebooks / Sketchbooks

"I want minimal bold branding, potentially with some kind of icon which insinuates my interest in exploration of experimentation in process led driven design development and manufacture. Although minimal it needs some kind of personal and playful easily recognisable hook or theme"

Making everything make something else. 
I hope this makes sense. So we make 20 buisnes cards that all form one shape and crete the brand logo, these in themselves alone don't make much sense. Everything works in this interactive way.
She also like the idea of using a penguin.
Some sketchbook pages so you get a grasp of how Séarlait works.
Some amazing sculpture:

Séarlait tumblr of inspiration

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