Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Context: Examples of Websites

I love Tsto and here is a website they designed.
The web page is adjustable to screen size. The colours and design fit in perfectly with the Tsto Flow Festival branding, it also uses the same Flow made typeface.
Andimayr: Photographer, Germany
A simple website showcasing her photography. I love the typeface that is used. The navigation is great and simple, using a triangle curser to scroll through the images. Also when scrolling the scrren snaps to the nearest image, another nice addition. Her logo is also used when a image or page is loading. They also use on the film section low opacity of information when hovering over the film images, this looks really nice. The only thing that is a negative is you have to wait a while for some images to load.
Good looking what I would class as standard website design, using roving images, static type and a top horizontal navigation bar. I like the simplicity of this website.
Comnadi is a travel and holiday group planning and sending people for a trip of their lifetime, a subject I am interested in anyways. I love the look of the website, the way od navigation is simple with nice pop-up options, everything seems to run very fluidly. The branding is worked across both Facebook and twitter too. I think it defiantly appeals to the wannabe travelers stumbling upon the site.
Very ott, but I can see how it has a lot of recognition, just not really my bag. TOO ARTY and TOO motion filled. I don't like this sort of webpage.

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