Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Meeting #2 with Hannah

Hannah's statement
I am textile designer and illustrator. My on-going textile design project is entitles 'Patterned Fruits' and is based around the idea of creating beautiful pattern from the everyday familiarity of fruits and vegetables. I aim to celebrate the beauty of these wonderful natural objects and explore how pattern can be discovered on the surface and inside the objects. I play around with the original colours of fruits, and create an optimistic and playful illustration with often unexpected colour schemes.

I am a textile designer and illustrator with a love for colour and finding pattern within unexpected places. I am an avid screen printer, loving the direct approach of applying colour to fabric. My work is adaptable; with design being fit for many purposes including interiors, fashion and stationary.

Meeting with Hannah, a mini crit
I felt like I didn't have too much to show again for this crit, but I worked on the same basis of the 2nd meeting with Séarlait. Creating initial logos and showing a variety of ideas of how the brand could be showcased with different concepts.

The decision
Speaking to Hannah we have decided what she defiantly wants and how we can expand her identity as much as possible. What she defiantly wants: a simple identity using a maximum of 2 colours, must use her full colour designs as a duplex background, uppercase sans serif typeface for the logo and a pineapple logo based on Hannah's original drawing.
What we can expand: typeface: use HR and full name, experiment with small serif ends, experiment with layout and grids with logo is finished, making her logo into a stamp / stickers / wax seal / tap / badges. 

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