Monday, 18 February 2013

1st Meeting Prep

Gathering all of our context and research for Wednesday 12:15 meeting with Fashion
We meet as a group today to discuss what we are going to say in our 1st meeting. 
1.a When is the deadline content from course and when does the first draft done?
1.b Is the required format a flip flop book for both courses again?
1.c how many students on both pathways
1.d How many additional pages about the course do you want? (Facilities, Tutor pages, Pathway details)
1.e Do you require a double page spread per student?
2. Have you got a photographer and will they all be taken on a group basis?
3. Is there a budget for typeface?
4. Are you interested in translating any of the contact details onto screen (For example linking to students page to their personal website)

Chris is making the board with Type examples. (Chris's example)
I am compiling all of our research together to make 2 visual boards of inspiration to take with us.
Here is my 1st draft.
#1 pg: concept inspiration
#2 pg: layout & type inspiration

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